How to Blog about Professional Services

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Blogging has always been a great way to share your expertise and professional insights with your online audience. Now that search engines like Google are placing a renewed emphasis on fresh, relevant content in their search results, however, maintaining an active blog is also becoming an essential element of a successful inbound marketing campaign. By providing Google’s bots with an active feed of fresh blog posts containing quality content and relevant keywords, you’ll give your practice’s website a significant boost in the search engine...

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5 Tips for Using an Editorial Calendar to Manage Your Online Content

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A Realistic Editorial Calendar is the Key to a Successful Blogging Strategy We’ve all been there. You start off a new blog with the best of intentions, looking forward to slowly building your audience until you’ve established yourself as a leader in your niche as your credibility builds. Time passes, and daily activity dwindles into weekly posts into sporadic writing followed by total inactivity and the unrewarding feeling of a job left unfinished. Used properly, an editorial calendar can provide your blogging campaign with just the right...

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Five Crazy Dental Inventions From Throughout History

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We modern dentists don’t have the best reputation. Many patients fear going to the dentist because they think the treatment they receive is going to be painful or traumatic. Most of the time this isn’t the case, but many patients don’t realize that modern dentistry has advanced to the point where they’re pretty lucky. With modern innovations such as anesthesia and electric tools, today’s patients are spared from these comparatively primitive and much more frightening dental inventions from human history: 1. The Bow Drill (c. 5000 BC) Early...

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Subscribe Free! The Success Tools Newsletter: Sign up today!

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If you’re like most medical professionals, the chances are that you are far too busy to stay on top of all of the latest developments in the world of medical practice marketing. At the Power Practice Network, we scour the internet for the best healthcare marketing tips, tools and resources so that we can provide them to professionals like yourself in our complimentary Success Tools newsletter. Thanks to the dozens of news feeds that we follow at Medical Practice Marketing News and our sister site, we’re able to keep our...

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Power Practice Network: Power Practice Marketing Supercharged!

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The Dental Marketing Association is a key member of the Power Practice Network, a family of websites and professional organizations created to serve today’s solo and small business community. We believe that small business owners and “solopreneurs” across nearly every professional service industry face the same basic hurdles in business whether we are trying to: generate more referrals, establish ourselves as leaders for our professional niche, or leverage the power of online marketing and social media. To address these issues, the Power...

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Join Soloville! Trust Tips and Tools for Small Biz and Solo Entrepreneurs

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If you’re a small practice, sometimes it can feel as if you’re all alone in a sea of gigantic firms. But being small can be a big advantage. Large practices often find changing direction as cumbersome as turning around an ocean liner, but small practices have the agility to quickly respond to shifts in their niche market. All you need is some help with marketing your practice and the support of other small medical practitioners. The Dental Marketing Association has partnered together with Soloville to help small entrepreneurs like you....

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