Dental Practice Marketing

Dental Marketing Strategy

Practice Marketing is a Strategy, Not an Event.

The Dental Marketing Association provides on-line resources, dental practice marketing tools, career development and networking opportunities for its membership.

The Dental Marketing Association is committed to providing member-driven content development squarely focused on the needs of our membership.

In order for today’s dental marketing professionals to stay ahead of the competition, it is now more important than ever to have a highly focused dental practice marketing strategy in place the separates your organization from the pack. The Dental Marketing Association specializes in providing members with access to the dental marketing services information they need in order to improve four central components of professional services marketing, including:

  • Dental Marketing Plan: Designing a Blueprint for Marketing Success
  • Internet Marketing Success: Developing a Powerful Web Presence
  • Perpetual Referrals: Building an Effective Referral System
  • Rainmaking Tools for Dentists who “Hate to Sell”

Dental Practice Marketing Solutions for Small Practices and Solo Dentists

By joining the Dental Marketing Association you will have access to reports and articles discussing the most pressing issues in the world of dental marketing services. Members are also provided with other articles discussing general marketing issues and a regular newsletter containing timely articles that will help you stay focused on the big picture for your organization. In order to help members ensure that there website is properly optimized, the Dental Marketing Association periodically provides members with web tools that show what areas of a member’s site represent opportunities for improvement.

We hope you’ll join the Dental Marketing Association. Member resources and networking opportunities may be found on the following member sponsored websites. Your member password will provide access to ALL areas of EACH of the following member resource websites.

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In addition, we are affiliated with the Healthcare Marketing Association.

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